Joining a Team

Joining a new team is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Once you have received an invite email from your team admin, follow these steps to join the team.

1. Get Invite Code

Open the email you received and copy the team code found in that email. If you cannot find this email, ask your admin to send the email again.


There is no rush, your invitation does not expire after a set amount of time.

2. Input the Team Code

The team code can be input in two different places:

  1. If you are not a part of any teams the main dashboard page will show a button to input a team code.

  2. The same button can be found under the profile screen

Click this button and input the code you copied earlier. Once you click "Join Team", and are able to join of course, the app will automatically reload and select the team for you.

Sports team join code
Joining a team

3. Select Your Season

If you have not been added to any season, then you will see a page that mentions there are no seasons for this team. If this is an error, contact your team admin.

If you have been added to one season, there is nothing more you need to do! Feel free to check into events, explore the chat, check into polls, and more.

If you have already been added to multiple seasons, then you can switch between these seasons by clicking on the season title and selecting the season you wish to view.

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