Roster Management

Crosscheck Sports was born out of the need for a solid user management system. This was the first core feature built, with the rest of the app built around it. You can expect intuitive roster management at every level.

Sports Team Management

Tiered Rosters

Crosscheck takes a tiered approach to rosters. You have a base team roster which is all users that have ever played for your team. Then you have a season roster which is selected from the team roster. From there, each event can have its own roster from the available season roster.

Tiered Rosters

Lineups and Roster Groups

Roster groups let you group certain users together for easy creation of events and polls later on. Lineups let you define a custom lineup shape (or choose from a sport template) to show your playsers what the game's lineup will be.

Lineups and Roster Groups

Custom Information

The Crosscheck custom field engine allows for storing information on each user's record. Store due payments, a sport ID number, and more. Events also allow for the collection of information from your users. See if people are running late or bringing beer.

Custom Information

Additional Features



Jersey Sizes

Seasonal Numbers



Rosters From Old Seasons


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