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We make operating your sports team easier. The tools Crosscheck gives you are not matched anywhere else, allowing you more free time to ENJOY your sport rather than manage it.

Sports Schedule

How We Enable Your Team

Attendance Tracking

We track who is going to what, and why.

Roster Carryover

Creating new seasons has never been easier.

Season Chats

Keep team communication open on every season.


Colors, logos, and fields. Make the app your own.

Calendar Tools

Import, export, and sync your calendars.

Roster Approach

As one of the biggest pain points of running our own teams, we wanted to make sure our user management approach was rock solid.

Your team roster composes everyone who has ever played on your team. Season rosters and hand picked subsets from that roster. Events are an even more refined subset from the season roster.

Team sports roster management

Attendance at a Glance

Keep track of your user's attendance reliably for each game or event. They can also leave a note to explain why they can or cannot make it.

In conjunction with custom fields, you can gather quite a bit of information from users at check-in time.

Team sports roster management

Powerful Customization

Crosscheck custom fields let you create custom information to track on players or gather from them on check-in time.

In addition, specifiy your own custom positions and stats to track, or choose from a template to get you started.

Team sports roster management

Customization Extended

We really want to drive home the customization that Crosscheck supports. Teams are complex, tailor the app for your use case.

Customize your app logo, light/dark mode, and accent color.

Team sports roster management


Polls fill the gap that events and a chat leave. Ask for responses on either a true / false question, or a set of custom created options.

In addition, you can hide the total and individual responses at will.

Team sports roster management

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