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Crosscheck Sports gives you unmatched features and customization to easily manage your sports team. From adult league to AAA, we got you covered.

What Makes Crosscheck Different?

There are many sports management applications out there, what do we offer compared to the competition? Our approach is simple, and can be summarized in 3 steps.



We pack more features into our app compared to the competition. From chat rooms, custom fields, to merchandise.



Our competitors use websites wrapped into apps. We use native mobile apps. An app that 'feels' right is used by your team.



Base features to run your team successfully are free forever. When you like it, our pay layer adds unique features.

The Good Stuff

The main strengths you can expect from Crosscheck Sports.

Schedule Management

A schedule needs to be a frictionless exchange of information. We give you the right tools for the job. Create games, practices, or other events, along with custom information to deliver to your users.

Sports Schedule Management

Roster Management

Crosscheck was created out of the need for better roster management. Gone are the days of old Excel spreadsheets, we give complete customization over rosters in a tiered system: team, season, and event.

Roster Management


We can't think of every use case that you may have, but we don't have to! The Crosscheck engine gives you the ability to add any custom information you want at any level. Along with appearance, tailor make the app experience for your team!



Building a community around your team is super important. We try to give you the tools to do that. Commenting on player's check-in statuses and a full featured chat with images and videos, with more features planned along the way.


Sport Templates

These are the sports we support out of the box. If the sport you play is not in this list, no worry! All of these templates were created using the base features of Crosscheck, and are completely re-creatable. Learn how to create a sports team here.

Hockey Puck

Ice Hockey

Golf Ball






Soccer Ball


Baseball Bat


Additional Features

By all means not a comprehensive list, but can give you a taste of what to expect.


Keep track of your stats from game to game, season to season, and all time on a team!


Configure a custom lineup for each game. Use pre-generated templates, or old lineups.

Multiple Seasons

Multiple active seasons for multiple different leagues all at the same time.


Grab any extra information from your team that you need through a robust polling system.

Check-in Notifications

We automatically send email and mobile notification reminders for your games.

Schedule Export

Your players can export the Crosscheck app schedule into their personal calendars.

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