Building some team comradery is essentail for any sports team. Crosscheck Sports can manage an entire e-commerce platform for your team, for a fraction of the price. You tell us what merchandise you would like to sell, give us some designs, and a store will be opened and operated for you!

Sports Team Merchandise
Puck Norris tshirt

Custom Storefront

Puck Norris uses Crosscheck Sports to manage their merchansise, with t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, beer coozies, and more.

Minimal Overhead

We manage and ship all of your merchandise you offer, so you do not have to. Submit orders through us for your merchandise, and once the order has been fufilled, the merch will appear on your store.

Delivery and Management

Traditional Model

You have two pricing models to pick from. The first is a traditional model where you place an order for quantity and product. Once the merchandise sells, you receieve price of item costs back plus commision.

Pricing Model

Drop Shipping Model

The second model you can pick from is a drop shipping model. You do not have to pay for merchandise up front, and a wider array of items are available, but the shipping times vary and there is no commision kick-back.

Drop Shipping

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