Creating a Team

Creating a sports team application wizard
Create team wizard


Go ahead and click the "Create Team" button. The first page you see is where you can pick from a pre-defined sports template. These will auto-fill in information like positions and some example custom fields. Feel free to select a template and change it however you like later on.

Basic Info

Basic Info is where you set your team title. Be careful, as this team title cannot change in the future. You can also set other cosmetic options such as the theme color used around the app, whether there is a light background or not in the app, and if you would like to show nicknames for your players.


Now you can define your positions. These can be whatever you want, and you will have the option later to set your player's positions. You can also set a Most Valuable Position (MVP), which will give extra attention on events to users of this position such as showing how many have checked in for practices and games.

Custom Fields

The last section is where you define your team's custom fields. These have tons of creative options that you can use to really personalize the Crosscheck Sports experience for you and your players. Team Fields will show up on the team page, where user fields will show up on every user you add to your team.

Be creative here, you can keep track of allergies people have, their skill level, if they have paid team dues or not, and so on.

A more descriptive guide to how custom fields work in Crosscheck can be found here

Hit the "Create Team" floating button to create your team!

New Dashboard

When you create a team, it will auto add you to the team and select it in settings, landing you on the team dashboard page. One thing has changed here! The presence of the team logo in the top left. Go ahead and click it.

This will bring up the team homepage. This page is viewable by everyone on the team. Here, you can edit your team as well. If you click the edit button, another option is present allowing you to add a custom icon. This can either be a link or an image you upload from your camera roll.

Sports team home page
Accessing the team detail page

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