Creating a Season

You can swipe down on the title bar to dismiss the team page sheet. The dashboard now will show a "Create Season" button. Click this to launch the create season wizard.

This will launch a very similar view as seen in create team, with the same team templates serving the same function. There is also an option to start from a previous season, but because we do not have any none will show up.


Team positions and season positions can be different from each other.

Creating a new season with wizard
Create season wizard

Custom Fields

There are the same options for season and season user custom fields that work similarly to the team custom fields. But there is another option that works in a slightly different way. This is "Event Custom Field Template" and "Event User Custom Field Template".

Event custom field, and event user custom field templates are where you can define custom fields and their values that will be added to all events that you create. Don't worry, if you want to create an event without these, then during the event creation process you can remove them. This is to give you an easy way to always have certain fields on your events.

Check out a more comprehensive guide to how custom fields work in Crosscheck here.


These pages are mostly similar to creating a team with the addition of stats. First of all, you can decide whether you want stats to show up or not by checking the selection. This can be changed at any time.

Next, you can define which stats you want to track. These will all be tracked as number values.

New Dashboard

When you create a season, you will see a red banner on the bottom. This is to remind you that created seasons start out in "Future" mode. This means that any user that is added to them will not be able to see or interact with them until they are published, set to "Active". This is to give you some time to configure your season.

Sports team app dashboard
Full dashboard options on a new season

Lots of new items have also appeared on the bottom bar, lets go through each of them, left to right.

  • Dashboard page
    • This is where your schedule lives. You can look at the upcoming schedule or the previous schedule, check into events, and change the current season (by selecting the title).
  • Polls
    • This is where polls for the season are. When there is a poll that a user has not answered, a notification will show on the bottom icon.
  • Chat
    • A rich chat room is created for each season where you can all chat about the game, life, or whatever you can dream up. It also supports images, videos, and dynamic link previews. Plus, it is all anonymous in the database.
  • More
    • This is where less active views live in the app. This includes the season roster, stats, a calendar export feature, the season page, and possibly more.
  • Profile
    • Your account

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