Adding Users to Your Team or Season

Crosscheck takes a unique approach to managing the players that are a part of your team, seasons, and events. Users have a base profile where their base information lives, and as you add that player to your team and above, additional information about that user is stored for your team, season, or event.

Adding Users to a Team

Most of the time you can ignore this step, as users who are added to seasons are automatically added to your team. In fact, you can not have users on a season without them being on your team. But, default information can be set by editing the user's team record.

  1. First, you need to click your team's logo on the main dashboard page of the app. If have not specified a logo yet, the Crosscheck Sports logo will be in its place. This will open the team menu.
Sports team home page
Accessing the team detail page
  1. Scroll down to the button named "All Time Roster", and click it. This will take you to the team roster page. Here you can filter and sort your users based on fields like position and the custom user fields you set for your team.
Sports team roster
Team roster page
  1. Click the plus button in the top right of this screen. This will open a form where you can define the information this user will have.

If the user already has an account, the information you specify under "Personal Information" will not be saved.

  1. The "Create" button in the top right will highlight when the information you have entered is valid. If you are unsure why your user is not valid yet, you can click the button to receive an error on why.

Once the user has been created, the team roster page will refresh, with the new user being visible.

User Verification

When you add a user to your team, they do not receive an invite right away. Instead, the user will be categorized under the "Not Validated" section. To invite the user via email, tap their profile and click "Send Invite". This will send them an invitation email to the email you specified on creation, and will give them instructions on how to open the app and input the team code to join.


Users need to be actively invited before they join the team. If you only send the team code without clicking the "Send Invite" button, they will still be unable to join the team.

Adding Users to a Season

Adding users to a season is a little different than that to a team. You may have noticed that when you create a season you did not specify the users that will be a part of that season. To do this, click the "..." button in the tab bar, and click the "Roster" button. This will take you to the currently selected season roster.

Sports season roster
Season roster page

Here you have a few options available to you:

  1. Roster Groups

  2. Create New User

  3. Add Users From Team

  4. Add Users From Seasons

Roster groups are covered in a different article, which you can find here.

Create a New User

The steps for creating a new season user are identical to that found in creating a team user. You can create new users whether they are already a part of your team or not. If they are not a part of your team, a corresponding team user record is created along with the season, and they will need to be validated as described above.

Adding Users From Your Team

This option allows you to add existing team users to your season. Select the "Select Team Users" button. Here, you can filter in the same way as you would on the normal team roster page, and tap the users you want to add.

Once you are done selecting, click the "done" button in the top right.

Sports team user add
Selecting team users

You can tap the user rows to edit the information that will show up on the season, such as selecting whether they are a manager or not, their number, and the custom season user fields you have set.


When editing the user, make sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom, or the changes you made to the user will not be saved.

Adding Users From Other Seasons

The last option allows you to add users from other seasons you have. This works similarly to adding team users, except a list of seasons will be shown. From there, you can add the individual users from other seasons you want to add to this season.

You also can edit the users in the same way as described above.

Sports adding users to seasons
Selecting users from other seasons

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